FG Camera Privacy

Direct Marketing

From time to time, we might contact you via:

Message Within app

These may be sent:

By Ourselves

We may send them :

To you

If we send them to your contacts, they will be sent:

From Us

We will ask for your consent when sending messages:

To yourself


This app includes adverts.

We provide our partners with some information about the way you use our app so they can advertise products and services that are more likely to be relevant to you.

Ad networks are companies that manage the advertising process on this and many other apps. For that reason, they may know information about you based on the way you use all the apps where they provide advertising services. They compile this information to paint a picture of which types of adverts you are likely to be interested in.

You can find out more about how they use your personal information here:

  1. iAd

Location Services

FG Camera accesses your location so it can:

These may be sent:

Help the user navigate

It can shares your location with:

User's friends
To your contacts
To your contacts

Your device allows control whether this app accesses your location or not. Visit your device settings screen/s for more information


FG Camera includes measuring tools. We want to learn how you use the app so we can improve it in future updates.

The data is seen:

Only by us

We measure:

Your use of this app and other functions

Social Networking

FG Camera is not a social network itself, but it does connect to the following networks:

FG Camera connects to social networks so you can:

Share content from the app

The app may share the following with other members of the network:

To control what you share and with who:

by selection

Process Payments

From time to time, FG Camera may invite you to purchase items. We will therefore have access to sensitive billing information such as credit card or bank account details

Your payment is processed by a partner of ours. You can find out more about how they secure your sensitive information here:


FG Camera allows you to access, amend and/or delete your data. Here is how you do it:

in App